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We all desire the perfect swing. Why? Because a better swing is the foundation to a lower handicap and better scores. While many resources claim to help you better your game, SwingProfile for iPhone and iPad is an award-winning golf swing app that pinpoints every detail of your swing.

The user interface of this golf app is incredibly easy to use. Before your next swing, get out your iPhone and take a video of your shot. Then, fit the golfer to the grid (about 10-feet of distance recommended) and begin taking the video. After taking your video, and hopefully sinking your shot, begin playback and compare the golf swing analysis to other captured videos. The application offers a starter tutorial that will show golfers just how to maximize use of SwingProfile from their very first use.

After recording your swing, the applications golf swing analyzer will create a golf swing analysis and give feedback in many different ways. Users can watch a slow motion instant replay of their swing, compare their swing to professional golfers, or compare up to four golfers at the same time. Also, users can email their video to get feedback from friends and the golf community. The golf swing analyzer also allows you to slow down your recording for a frame-by-frame playback that will allow you to pick apart and perfect each movement of your swing.

SwingProfile took home the Best Overall Product" and Best Market Research" awards at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2012. Its most recent update, released in April, already has a four out of five star rating. And LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Deb Vangellow, says SwingProfile is a winner! This is a brilliant golf swing analysis app that bleeds efficiency for the busy golf instructor." This golf app will help the game of occasional players and fine-tune the swing of aspiring professionals.

To get started, download the FREE version of SwingProfile from the iTunes App Store. After trying it out a bit and maximizing all of the FREE options given in the app, decide if buying the full version is right for you. At only $29.99, this golf swing app gives you what other, more expensive apps dont in the ability to see, compare and perfect every detail of your swing.

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