Breaking Bad Swing Habits: UnSwing Releases Reverse Swing Training Method

UnSwing Golfs answer to the issue of breaking bad swing habits is built around a counter-intuitive swing method

Bad swing habits seem to be the hardest to break. Golfers spend endless time and resources on lessons, new equipment, and training aids all in the hopes of breaking the cycle of less than favorable rounds. While examining the fundamental causes of bad swings, a company in Cleveland, Ohio, UnSwing Golf, noticed that most training aids focused on mechanics to achieve improvement.

UnSwing Golfs answer to the issue of breaking bad swing habits is built around a counter-intuitive swing method that incorporates mental golf training, core fitness and golf muscle training, and natural swing alignment to train golfers to FEEL YOUR SWING.

While many golf training programs focus on swing mechanics, the UnSwing Golf Training system teaches a natural swing through the use of a patent-pending training club and swing method that is uniquely designed to reverse engineer the golf swing. Golfers use the weighted club which provides a built-in swing level and split grip setup to improve swing awareness, muscle memory, and train a reverse (left-handed) swing. The training system comes complete with a set of TourSticks alignment rods (used for swing path drills) and an 8-drill training program that guarantees a better swing in just 30 days or your money back.

Right Handed Golfers Swing Left Handed?
The results are immediate once you switch back to your righty swing. Better balance, tempo, strength, and flexibility result in dramatic improvement in distance, accuracy, and consistency. The reverse swing feels unnatural at first, which is what allows the UnSwing 8 Drill System to quickly convert the clumsy left handed swing into real results once golfers revert to their original swing.

Training Golfers to Feel The Swing
The way the training club and swing method teaches a proper feel" is by using a reverse swing approach (swinging the opposite way), that challenges and shatters the pre-existing habits of a poor golf swing, and releases the natural flow of a proper (on plane, on balance, maximum rotation) golf swing. This training system forces golfers to swing the opposite way so that there is nothing for the brain to grab onto but the new, balanced and powerful swing that the UnSwing Training Club" instantly produces. No ball is needed and the club can be used just minutes a day, anywhere, and anytime.

To learn more about the UnSwing Golf Training System or to make this easy to implement program available at your facility or training program visit


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